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Mount Edgecumbe Blockhouse was built in about 1540 across the water from Devil's Point. It is situated in the gardens of Mount Edgcumbe House, and is open all year round.

Between 1770 and 1780 Cawsand, Barn Pool and Amherst Batteries, and the Maker Heights and Cremyll Redoubts were constructed to protect the southern approach to Plymouth.

From 1860 to 1890 five additional batteries were built along the western coast of the The Sound and Cawsand Bay.

Maker Battery photo Steve Johnson Maker Battery photo Steve Johnson Maker 2 Battery photo Steve Johnson Cawsand Battery photo Steve Johnson
Polhawn Battery (before modernisation) photo Steve Johnson Garden Battery, an old photo from Steve Johnson Hawkins Battery photo Steve Johnson

Cawsand Battery 1779 It was built in 1on the site of an earlier battery dating from 1779, and in recent years has been converted to residential use.It had 10 guns until 1895 when it was equipped with modern Quick Firing guns. It was used until 1926.
Barn Pool Battery 1770  
Maker Redoubts 1 to 5 1779-1790 Initally earthworks, Makers 4 and 5 were rebuilt in stone in 1790. Redoubt No.5 was completed in 1783 and served to protect theothers. Rather inaccessible and overgrown, it can be seen from the Cremyll Road. Grenville Battery (Maker Redoubt 4) can be reached by public footpath. It was constructed in 1887 within No.4 Redoubt.
Empacombe Battery 1803 Built in stone, also known as Maker Redoubt No. 6 .
Amherst Battery 1779  
Cremyll Redoubt 1779  
Fort Picklecombe 1849 The first battery was constructed of earth, but between 1864 and 1871 it was rebuilt into an imposing structure with granite casemates and iron shields. Armed with fourty two 9" and 10" RML guns it was at that time one of the three main gun platforms, along with Bovisand Battery, Breakwater Fort and Drake's Island, protecting The Sound. By the 1890s it was equipped with new armament, two Quick Firing (QF) and two 6" Breech Loading (BL) guns. It was part of the World War 2 fortifications. The iron shields have been removed and it has been converted to housing with two new storeys added on the roof.
Garden Battery 1862 -63 Its granite casemates for 7 guns are in good condition and can be seen in the gardens of Mount Edgcumbe House. It was still in use in 1911 equipped with two Quick Firing guns.
Raleigh Battery c1890 Once equipped with 10 inch BL guns, is now overgrown and privately owned.
Hawkins Battery c1890 It was a High Angle Battery initially with 9 inch RML guns, but updated with two 9 inch BL guns by 1911. It is now a caravan park.
Maker Battery c1890 Equipped with one 12.5 inch Rifled Muzzle Loading (RML) gun and two 6 inch BL guns in 1895. Current status unknown.
Polhawn Battery 1862-67 There were seven RML guns installed in its armoured casemates (designed for ten guns) which had eight foot thick walls. It was sold in 1927 and is now a hotel specialising in weddings. It still has a working drawbridge.

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